A company that can boast a motivated and enthused workforce is more likely to be a company that can innovate and react to new challenges


Although individual departments may well work brilliantly on their own, a business can’t excel unless there’s synergy, utilising the skills of all employees in a fluid and flexible fashion. Hence the importance of team building to create new links between otherwise isolated staff members.

Despite its importance, however, employees can sometimes take some convincing but it is worth changing their minds. Therefore it’s important to remember to be sensitive. There are a myriad of options for team building and bonding of a group who work together – from the more sedate meals out, to the full-on action-packed weekend away.

Whether you opt for an indoor day of trust exercises and ice-breaking or an extreme weekend filled with paintballing, kayaking and orienteering, you will want to ensure your employees are willing participants. There’s nothing worse than being dragged away to do something against your will, or entering into it with a cynical mind.

Having a goal for the activities in mind is a good idea too – simply taking the workforce away from the office for a day will not do, as it won’t show you anything you couldn’t already observe in the usual work environment. Getting people to work together on a fun and engaging task, rather than a work duty, can show you where relationships between staff need attention or could improve things immeasurably.

If you aren’t into the idea of pitting accounts against sales in an energy-intense competition, simply holding meetings or work sessions in calm and pleasant surroundings could help. A meeting out in the countryside or in a plush hotel could do wonders for productivity and morale – helped hugely by the sense of independence and informality that new surroundings will generate. More open channels of communication will be generated than if you continue to address them from behind your desk.

The important thing to remember is not to remain rigid in your intentions, take feedback from employees to see what would please them – after all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

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