Welcome to Business Link’s Conference and Hospitality Guide. Whether you’re organising an event, conference, award ceremony or that all important business dinner you’ll find this handy glove pocket sized guide indispensable.

Lets face it, we’ve all experienced at some time or another that dull meeting or conference. Maybe we’ve had to squint at a tiny PowerPoint presentation while the speaker drones on into a malfunctioning microphone, or spent the entire evening sat being deafened by howling feedback from the PA system or rather those operating it. Worse still are those events we drag ourselves to, only to listen to someone simply read out a speech they could easily have sent us on an e-mail.

This Conference and Hospitality Guide aims to help you avoid such faux-pas and make your event well-known for all the right reasons. In Yorkshire and Lincolnshire we’re fortunate to be home to a huge range of venues that will offer something that suits any taste. Throughout these pages, we take a closer look at what’s on offer, and provide numerous inspiring ideas to help you create an event that best reflects your business and the image you want to put across.

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